Oct 282008

Main Resolution


The Special Extraordinary Renewal Convention of the Canadian Peace Congress in Winnipeg Manitoba October 25th 2008 convenes at a moment when Canadian membership in NATO embroils Canada’s armed forces and commits public wealth to US instigated imperialist wars of aggression and occupation.

We declare our confidence in the deeply held beliefs of the Canadian people who uphold and support a foreign policy of peace and disarmament and express our support and solidarity for all of the progressive forces of peace and anti-imperialist solidarity that oppose aggressive US imperialism and its NATO-EU allies that foment wars and brutal occupations, revive the arms race and destabilize international relations and the global economy.

US imperialism and its NATO and EU allies seek to perpetuate in the 21st century the cycle of wars of aggression, militarization and economic crisis that characterized the 20th century resulting in two world wars, the use of nuclear weapons against civilian populations, the seizure of global resources and markets, the dismemberment of nations and the exploitation and impoverishment, including mass starvation of entire people’s. Continue reading »

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