May 252015

Goa, India 26-28 November 2014

The Executive Committee of the WPC took place in the Indian city of Goa from 26-28 November 2014. The meeting, hosted by the All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO), concluded after discussions on the threats to peace in different parts of the world with the following statement:

The World Peace Council, in its 65th year of struggle, salutes the peace loving forces of the world and calls upon them to fight together with the WPC and its member organizations, against imperialism and its brutal wars, for Peace.

The WPC identifies today the enemy of peace in the world to be imperialism in all its forms of expression, ideologically, politically, militarily and economically. Despite the economic crisis the military expenditure last year (2013), according to SIPRI, has reached worldwide in 2013 the $1,474 trillion, which constitute the 2,4 % of the global GDP. We underline that 37 % of this sum is spent by the USA alone and that altogether the military spending of the USA, NATO and its allies constitute the vast majority of world spending. The WPC demands the drastic cuts in the military budgets and the respective dedication to social welfare. Continue reading »

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May 252015

On April 19, World Peace Council members and friends in all countries mobilized a Global Day of Action in Solidarity with the People of Venezuela. This action was taken in response to the Executive Order of US President Obama, which escalated imperialist provocation against Venezuela by declaring it to be a threat to US security.

As part of this global action, the Canadian Peace Congress launched a petition campaign aimed at the Canadian government’s aggressive policies toward Venezuela. The Congress is urging all of its members and friends to collect signatures in their area. Copies of the petition are available in English and French, and can be downloaded below and are also available from the Peace Congress office: 125 Brandon Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H 2E2.

Please download the petition and ask your friends and contacts to sign it!

Friendship with Venezuela Petition

Amitié avec le Venezuela

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