Apr 182016
WPC dove sm

Building united action against war, militarism and imperialism
July 20-21, 2016 ~ Toronto, Canada

The World Peace Council, Canadian Peace Congress, US Peace Council and Movimiento Mexicano por la Paz y el Desarrollo call for the Third Trilateral Peace Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada on July 20-21, 2016.

Since the Second Trilateral in 2009 our world has moved to a critically dangerous point, with increasing militarism and war, environmental decline and economic crisis. The major military powers – especially the United States, European Union and NATO – have concentrated their firepower in Eastern Europe and the Syria-Iraq region. In this increasingly tense standoff between Western imperialism and Russia, the possibility of a military – and potentially nuclear – confrontation between these powers is very real.

One hundred years ago the peoples of the world were terrorized by the horrors of the First World War, a conflict that was sparked by imperialist expansion, militarism and extreme nationalism. It was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, a tragedy that killed 17 million people. Continue reading »

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