Mar 012014

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One, the “war to end all war”. We expect the Harper Conservative government and the Canadian military to mark this event by unleashing a full, frontal assault of narrow nationalist, militaristic propaganda. This will be carefully engineered to try to generate support for recent and ongoing military campaigns – the coup d’etat in Libya, the occupation of Afghanistan, the provocation against the government of Ukraine, the imperialist intervention in Syria – as well as for increased military spending, deeper participation in NATO and other aspects of Harper’s aggressive foreign policy.

In contrast to this, the Canadian Peace Congress is initiating a cross-Canada campaign to facilitate of 100-day peace-oriented forum for commemorations of the centenary of WWI.

The “To End All War” campaign has four main objectives: Continue reading »

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Mar 012014

The deteriorating crisis in Ukraine is extremely dangerous. There is an immediate threat of a regional or world war. Interference by foreign powers in complex internal affairs has widened divisions and deepened the crisis, and has even helped strengthen openly fascist forces within the country.

The Canadian Peace Congress is particularly concerned that the US, EU and NATO – the most powerful forces of imperialism – have been manipulating and encouraging the conflict, in an effort to provoke “regime change” in Ukraine and bring about a realignment of Europe in the process. Continue reading »

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Feb 082014

The World Peace Council expresses its serious concerns and worries about the recent discussion on a possible future presence of NATO troops (under United States leadership) in Palestine in order to “guarantee” and “supervise” the implementation of a “peace plan” between Palestine and Israel. The interviews by the President of the Palestinian National Authority and the PLO Mahmoud Abbas to Israeli and US Media in this regards, create many questions to peace loving forces and people around the world. Continue reading »

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Jan 202014

The ongoing imperialist aggression against Syria –  in which the NATO countries, Israel and reactionary Arab states have trained, funded and armed tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries to conduct a terrorist campaign against the government – has had a devastating effect on the Syrian people.  After almost two and a half years, tens of thousands of Syrians have died and many more displaced.  The Peace Association of Turkey and Lawyers for Justice in Turkey have prepared a comprehensive report that is a clear indictment of the figures and institutions that have committed war crimes against the Syrian people.

Click here to find a pdf of the War Crimes Committed Against the People of Syria report.

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Dec 102013

The Executive Committee (EC) of the World Peace Council held successfully from November 23-25, 2013 in Caracas its first meeting after the Assembly of Kathmandu (July 2012). The meeting was hosted in excellent conditions by the Committee of International Solidarity (COSI), the WPC member in Venezuela.

We recall very well the holding of our World Peace Assembly in 2008, where we declared Caracas as the “World Capital of Peace and Anti-imperialist struggle”. Our Assembly then was held under the auspices of the late President, Commander Hugo Chavez, to whom we paid our deepest respect for his huge contribution and successful leadership in the Bolivarian revolution, as a genuine leader of his people with broad recognition worldwide.

The WPC salutes the people of Venezuela which is struggling and defending its achievements, trying to open ways for the deepening of the Bolivarian process, against the subversive actions and the economic war carried out by the local oligarchy and imperialist forces, especially this period. We defend the sovereign right of the Venezuelan people to decide upon its future and wealth, for its empowerment in order to become the true master of its destiny.

The EC of the WPC met in a period of increasing aggressiveness of imperialism in all corners of the world, all fields and aspects of human life. Continue reading »

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Feb 042013

Dave McKee, President of the Canadian Peace Congress and a member of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council, is currently on tour in Ontario.  He is meeting with people across the province, to discuss the impact that NATO membership has on Canada’s foreign and domestic policies.  Dave presents the case that Canada needs to withdraw from NATO, in order to develop an independent foreign policy that is based on peace, international cooperation and solidarity.

This tour is part of a larger Canadian Peace Congress Campaign Against NATO, and is a continuation of a very successful tour of Western Canada last year. Continue reading »

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