On March 19, peace and anti-war groups in several cities across Canada will be demonstrating against the continued and escalating war in the Middle East. The Canadian Peace Congress endorses these actions and has been working to organize and support events in many areas. We will prepare a leaflet for distribution on March 19, outlining why we oppose intervention by Canada, the United States, and their NATO allies. The imperialist plan for a New Middle East must be confronted and stopped! Please attend events in your area – if nothing is planned, please consider getting in touch with us – we can help you organize an information picket and we can send you some leaflets to distribute.

The following is a list of March 19 actions. If you know of other events, please let us know and we’ll update this list.







  • Information picket, more details to follow
  • please email if interested


  • Rally for Peace in Syria and Iraq
  • Regina City Hall Peace Fountain, March 19 at 1 PM
  • Sponsored by Making Peace Vigil, PeaceQuest Regina, Regina Peace Council


  • Possible information picket
  • Please email if interested