The Canadian Government Must Support Peace and Self-Determination, Not War and Occupation!

 The Executive Council of the Canadian Peace Congress (CPCon) condemns the recent and escalating aggression by Israel against the Palestinian territory of Gaza. The Congress declares its solidarity with the people of Palestine, and reiterates its support for an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We condemn the hypocritical and war-mongering position of the Harper Conservative government, who immediately stated its support for Israel’s aggression. Despite efforts to cloak Israel’s attacks with the language of “self-defense” and “anti-terrorism”, the reality is that the current aggression is part of a long history of provocation, aggression, truce violations, political assassinations, collective punishment and other criminal actions by Israel against the Palestinian people. We call upon the Canadian government to reverse its support for the aggressive actions of Israel, and to press the Netanyhu government for an immediate ceasefire and to open genuine peace negotiations.

The Canadian Peace Congress supports the thousands of people in Israel who have mobilized against the attacks and called for an immediate ceasefire.

We note that these attacks are occuring in the context of increased aggression and interference by NATO and its member states, including Canada, in the Middle East region. We reiterate our opposition to the drive to war against Syria and Iran, and call for the immediate withdrawal of the thousands of foreign mercenaries who are leading the anti-government violence in Syria.

The CPCon supports the efforts by peace and solidarity organizations across Canada, including the Canadian Peace Alliance, to quickly mobilize opposition to Israel’s criminal attack and to prevent escalation of this dangerous and deadly situation. We encourage and support further mobilizations, to build a broadly-based movement that can pressure the Canadian government to adopt a foreign policy based on peace, international cooperation and solidarity.

No to Israel’s aggression! No to NATO and imperialist war!

Yes to peace and sovereignty!


Canadian Peace Congress, Executive Council

November 18, 2012