Take Action Now for Peace
Tomorrow Will Be Too Late!

The world is on the brink of a potential World War III, a war that could easily escalate into nuclear annihilation and mutual destruction. In response to this grave danger, the US-based United National Anti-war Coalition and the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network are calling for people to get back into the streets to demand an end to the NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

The Canadian Peace Congress with chapters across Canada supports this important initiative.

There is overwhelming evidence that the current situation is extremely dangerous. The ever escalating war in Ukraine, recent efforts by U.S. imperialism to stoke tensions with China, the ongoing war in Yemen, the constant war against Palestine, and the continuing use of economic warfare against Cuba and several other countries – all these are occurring while the world faces ever more drastic climate disasters and the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis. The NATO war mongers and their weapons profiteers are planning more death and destruction in search of higher profits, access to more markets and natural resources, and to preserve U.S./Western domination. There is incredible danger that the entire world is sleepwalking towards untold human misery and environmental destruction.

The Canadian government is “all in” with stoking the flames of war. The Trudeau government is determined to meet its NATO commitment of 2% of GDP on “defence”. The parliamentary budget officer estimates that it will cost an additional $75.3 billion over the next 5 years (more than $15 billion yearly) to accomplish this.

Billions are wasted on weapons while homelessness in Canada is 235,000 and growing continuously over the past several years.

The bloated war budget expands while 73% of First Nations’ water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination.

Health care systems across the country are in crisis due to underfunding and the effects of Covid-19, but there is plenty of money for weapons.

Post secondary education debts in Canada are over $22.3 billion, leaving young people with enormous debts while working in low wage jobs.

Inflation is adding to the misery of millions of households while money is wasted on the military. It’s time that working people across Canada and around the world get back into the streets to demand a new direction.

Critically we must focus on ending the NATO/Russia/Ukraine conflict by diplomatic means. This means an immediate ceasefire and serious negotiations to stop the war. And we need a truly independent foreign policy based on peace and disarmament, not on militarization, aggression and war. Among other things this requires that Canada gets out of NATO!

The entire peace movement must be mobilized to this end. We must actively reach out to the labour, indigenous, women’s, student, environmental and other people’s movements to bring them into the critical struggle for peace.

Our voices must and will be heard.

  • End the war in Ukraine – Demand a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement now!
  • Stop the sanctions
  • End weapons deliveries to Ukraine
  • Canada out of NATO and NORAD!

Executive Committee, Canadian Peace Congress

October 15, 2022


For a full list of planned actions across the country, please go to – https://peaceandjusticenetwork.ca/fundpeacenotwar/