In repudiation of the coup d’état and solidarity with the Bolivian people

On November 10, 2019, another coup d’état took place in Latin America. Among the advances and setbacks of the Latin American peoples’ struggles, the coup that removed President Evo Morales from the Bolivian Government is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive setbacks of recent times. For this reason, democratic and peace organizations around the world are already expressing their solidarity with the Bolivian people in their resistance and struggle, in order to face with courage this plot’s development.

Despite Evo’s re-election with 47% of the vote on October 20, the coup-promoting Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union felt entitled to demand a second round, questioning the legitimacy of the elections. They interfered in the internal affairs of the country while claiming to play the role of impartial election observers.

The signs of the most backward and reactionary elites and the oligarchy’s disquiet, as always allied with US imperialism, were clear in the face of the popular and sovereign government led by Evo with significant popular backing. Demonstrating his willingness to engage in democratic and inclusive dialogue, Evo invited the opposition to talk and even called for new elections, but the opposition elite showed what is made of and, racist and violent, used terror and threats against the indigenous peoples.

On November 10, the elites’ disquiet reached its peak with the anti-patriotic and undemocratic ultimatum of the Armed Forces for Evo to leave the Government. It is an infamous action and a betrayal of the Bolivian people, which we repudiate in the firmest terms!

Evo’s leadership secured Bolivia with a government that not only finally really represented the majority of its population, indigenous peoples, workers and youth, but also made great strides to ensure the end of illiteracy, such urgent social policies in a rich country, but of extreme inequality, the nationalization of its most strategic energy resources, the strengthening of public companies, among other historical achievements assured by the Constitution.

Due to the power of the popular backing and the movement that guaranteed the Evo Government legitimacy, the democratic and peace entities must redouble their vigilance for the security of these brave resistant militants against the persecution of the reactionary, conservative and partly fanatical forces behind the coup.

Rather than playing the role of promoters of democracy, international institutions such as the OAS are always ready to condemn unsubmissive governments as undemocratic regimes. They are protagonists, manipulated by US imperialism, of the greatest threats to the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, so we must unite in resistance, in defense of Peace!

In resolute solidarity with the Bolivian people in their struggle for the restoration of democracy and the defense of national sovereignty,

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council
November 11, 2019