For a made-in-Canada foreign policy based on Peace and Disarmament

The Trudeau government plans to waste a minimum of $19 billion on the purchase of 88 new fifth generation fighter jets. Over the lifetime of these killing machines Canadian taxpayers will be forced to spend at least $60 billion for maintenance and upgrades to enhance the fortunes of war profiteers. Notwithstanding the false claims that these jets are for defence, the true purpose is to prepare for war against the people of Russia, China or any other country unwilling to comply with demands coming from the US empire. We do not need nor do we want these polluting instruments of death and destruction.

On July 31, 2020 bids for the fighter jet contract were submitted by Lockheed Martin (F35 Lightning 2), Boeing (Super Hornet), and Saab (Gripen E). The decision as to which plane to purchase is expected in 2022. We can and we must stop the acquisition of these weapons.
Why is Canada looking to purchase polluting fighter jets? The answer is simple. Canada is stuck in the aggressive NATO alliance which still operates on the dangerous premise that it can start and win a nuclear world war. In fact, Trudeau and Freeland make no apology for their subservient “America First” foreign policy.

Canada has participated in NATO wars of destruction against Yugoslavia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Libya (2011), and Syria (2011) to name only the most obvious examples.

Increasing pressure from our USA “ally” has already forced the Trudeau government to dramatically increase the war budget by 70% over the next 20 years. Canada is purchasing new frigates, tanks, and now, new fighter jets and drones. A total of $62.3 billion of your tax dollars will be diverted from desperately needed social programs to meet people’s needs, in order to support the US quest for “full spectrum dominance”.

The Canadian Peace Congress offers another vision for the country. We see a Canada upholding international law and the UN Charter. We see a country emphasizing peaceful co-existence of all states and actively opposing policies and actions that worsen international relations. We see a Canada out of NATO.

Instead of massive war budget increases the Peace Congress demands a new, independent, made-in-Canada foreign policy based on peace and disarmament. We advocate significant cuts to the war budget and cancelling the fighter jets is the best place to start. We demand the creation of new well paid jobs in civilian workplaces along with the retraining of military personnel and workers in war industries.

By 2023 the F35 will have the ability to carry nuclear weapons. The Canadian Peace Congress once again insists that Canada be a strong and consistent advocate for a comprehensive and universal ban on nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Canada must ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

We can’t do this as long as we remain in NATO.

In addition to nuclear disarmament Canada must support international efforts for general and comprehensive disarmament including so-called ‘conventional’ weapons (also capable of mass destruction). The aggressive NATO alliance is opposed to in any effort to redirect war industries to peaceful endeavours.

We call on all Canadian, Quebec and First Nations citizens and residents to take the threat of a Third World War seriously and to mobilize for peace. Stopping the wasteful purchase of new offensive fighter jets is a necessary first step. Join your local peace council/group or start one in your community and participate in building a strong and engaged Peace Network. Together we can build a world where our children can live in peace and solidarity.

Canadian Peace Congress
October 1, 2020